What Are Custom Dash Covers?  

Your vehicle dashboard needs protection from the UV rays of the sun as well as from the potentially dangerous heat. Dashboard covers have made it possible for you and due to this reason; they have emerged as a highly popular car accessory in the Sunbelt states of the US. Coverking`s custom dashboard covers are especially tailored to perfectly fit with the contours of your vehicle dashboard and they offer much more than the protection required by your vehicle. A perfectly fit custom dashboard cover also softens the look of your vehicle interior.

Why Do We Need A Custom Dash Cover? 

A custom dashboard cover is better than a universal dash cover as the custom cover is perfectly tailored to fit your vehicle dashboard.

For better quality protection of your vehicle dashboard, you shouldn’t settle for anything other than a perfect fitting custom dash cover. Coverking`s custom dashboard covers provide superb protection to your dashboard against the sun’s rays and also prevents building up of heat inside the vehicle.

What Are The Special Characteristics Of Coverking`s Custom Dash Covers?

Coverking`s custom dashboard covers are superior to other dashboard covers in design and quality as Coverking custom dashboard covers are prepared by using superior quality materials, design and construction. Coverking offers a whole array of advancements to its custom dashboard covers including Lit Neon Edging, designer print materials and custom embroidered logos and messages.

Coverking`s custom dashboard covers are offered in several specific materials: Poly-Carpet, Velour and Molded Carpet. 

All of Coverking`s custom dash covers are especially designed from the original vehicle dashboard by using the advanced computer aided design (CAD) technology.

Coverking`s custom dash covers are prepared by using a “zigzag” stitch. Unlike the blind stitch that attracts dust particles and prevents small pieces from being sewn together, a “zigzag” stitch permits small pieces to be sewn together and functions as a hinge to allow the cover to curve the surface of your vehicle dashboard.

Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers
Molded Carpet Dashboard Covers
  • Toughest Custom-fit dash cover
  • Pre-molded for snug fitting, convenience and desired protection
  • Tough Polyester Poly-carpet material for lifetime protection
  • UV treated for complete UV resistance 
  • Great appeal inside your car
  • Easy to  use and clean
  • Several pleasant shades  
  • LIFE TIME warranty
Poly Carpet Dash Covers
Poly Carpet Dashboard Covers
  • Custom-made dash cover to fit right for convenient and appeal
  • Superb UV protection and heat control
  • Sturdy OEM approved Polyester material for years of effective protection
  • Don’t lose shape or shrink even in intense sun
  • Cool selection of vibrant colors
  • LIFE TIME warranty
Velour Dash Covers
Velour Dashboard Covers
  • Made of three layers for optimum protection against UV rays and dust
  • Custom made for snug fitting and greater convenience
  • Elegant velvety look and soft touch with thick foam
  • Over a dozen colors and patterns
  • Ideal for high-end luxury vehicles
  • THREE months warranty

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