What Are Custom Floormats? 

Custom floormats are precision tailored floormats that perfectly fit with the vehicle floorboard and match the original carpet color of your vehicle. Factory original floormats are likely to undergo damage soon and are also prone to permanent discoloration. For the necessary protection of your original factory floor mat, you can opt for a suitable custom fit floor mat and place it over your vehicle floorboard. Coverking`s custom floor mats perfectly fit your vehicle floorboard and are designed in a better way than the original factory floor mats.

Why Do You Need A Custom Floormat?

You need to install a custom floormat over your original factory floormat for protection against wearing and tearing. Altogether, a custom floormat covers up for any damage that has already been done to your original factory floormat.     

The factory original floormat that comes with your vehicle attract dirt and dust particles in large numbers and color fading has also been frequently observed in these floormats. Coverking`s custom fit floormats are well protected against discoloration and also from any kind of damage unleashed by dirt and dust particles. Hence, after covering your original factory floormat with Coverking`s custom fit floormats, be assured that your vehicle floorboard would remain adequately protected for years ahead.

Special Features Of Coverking`s Custom Floormats:

Coverking`s custom floormats are especially made from 40 ounce premium or 70 ounce luxurious high density nylon carpet or from the clear vinyl material.

Coverking`s custom floormats are designed from the original factory floormats by using sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) technology. Unlike the other improper designs of floormats that result in the floormat obstructing the path of the accelerator or brake, Coverking`s custom fit floormats are constructed in a way that they perfectly match your vehicle floorboard.


Carpet-70 Ounce Floor Mats
Carpet-70 Ounce Floor Mats
  • Made of heavy duty 70 Ounce Nylon material – one of the toughest floor mats
  • Custom-fit floor mats guarantee complete protection and greater convenience
  • Soft of your feet and tough on hazards
  • Effective and long lasting
  • Strong rubber nibbed bottom to stop slippage
  • ONE year warranty
Clear Nibbed  Floor Mats
Clear Nibbed Floor Mats
  • Custom-made floor mats for snug fitting and complete covering
  • Made of clear vinyl material gives elegant and pleasing look and feel
  • Sturdy rubber nibbed bottom - slip-fee mat
  • Transparent Vinyl for ‘see-through’ view
  • Comes with floor control provisions
  • ONE year warranty
Nylon Carpet Floor Mats
Nylon Carpet Floor Mats
  • Custom-fit floor mat – designed keeping the specifications of your vehicle
  • Made of heavy 40 ounce Nylon material for effective protection and comfort
  • Powered with anti-stain agents
  • Sturdy rubber nibbed bottom to prevent slippage
  • Wide range of exciting shades
  • Backed by ONE year warranty

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