What Are Custom Seat Covers?

Seat covers are upholsteries that protect your car seats against staining, wearing, tearing and also from a range of hazards. Custom seat covers are tailored seat covers that are especially prepared to meet the requirements of your vehicle seats. Coverking`s custom seat covers or custom-made seat covers offer protection to your original seat upholstery from damage, act as cover-up for any damage already visible on your car seats and also provide a focused and personalized look to your vehicle interior.

Why Do We Need Custom Seat Covers?

Your car seats are likely to undergo wearing and tearing on regular use. When you push them forward and backward, they are prone to suffer from serious upholstery damage. However, your car seats can be kept in an undamaged and tip-top condition if you opt for Coverking`s custom seat covers that provide the necessary protection to car seats. 

Exposure to sun’s ultra violet rays, food and beverage spills, kids and pets altogether are capable of unleashing tremendous damage to your car seats. However, the possible damage and destruction can be averted by covering your car seats with Coverking`s custom seat covers.

Besides providing protection to your original seat upholstery from damage, Coverking`s custom seat covers or custom-made seat covers also act as cover-up for any damage already visible on your car seats. Your car seats are likely to suffer damage from untidy clothes, split drinks, children reclined on seats and munching snacks, wet swimsuits and a whole array of other factors. Instead of wasting money in reupholstering your car seats, simply purchasing Coverking`s custom seat covers, you can avail of a cost-effective solution.  Choose custom seat covers from a whole array of designs and patterns available with Coverking for a complete redesigning of your car interior. 

Coverking`s Custom Seat Covers: Special Features 

Coverking`s Custom Seat Covers are especially designed to permit complete and thorough use of seat features including the reclining, removal and folding features of your car seats.

For a range of vehicles, Coverking offers custom made seat covers for the rear seats. Coverking custom seat covers include armrests, headrests and console covers for split bench seats and map pockets.

Coverking offered custom seat covers have special provisions for side air bags.

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Ballistic Seat Covers
Ballistic Seat Covers

  • Made of tough 1680 denier material Ballistic seat covers are effective and durable
  • Toughest custom-fit seat covers for desired fitting
  • Two-time Polyurethane coated material for effective UV protection
  • Waterproof and breathable seat covers
  • Multiple exciting colors
  • Best value for your money
  • ONE year warranty


Genuine Leather Seat Covers
Genuine Leather Seat Covers

  • Custom-tailored Genuine Leather seat covers
  • Made of premium quality Italian leather
  • Naturally breathable custom car seat accessories for cozy seats
  • Elegant natural environment inside the car
  • Tested for 300 hours UV protection
  • Processed to counter hazards and early wear and tear
  • Stain/Scratch/Mold/ Mildew/Rot resistant seat covers
  • ONE year warranty


Leatherette Seat Covers
Leatherette Seat Covers
  • Leatherette seat covers are made of elegant Vinyl material
  • Custom tailored car seat covers
  • Greater look and feel of genuine leather with Leatherette seat covers
  • Superb breathability and comforts
  • Strong and durable seat covers
  • Easy to handle, can be cleaned with wet sponge
  • Several youthful color options
  • 1 year warranty
Neoprene Seat Covers
Neoprene Seat Covers

  • Neoprene seat covers are custom-tailored and fit right
  • Made of strong CR-grade Neoprene for optimum protection that lasts long
  • Breathable and water resistant custom-fit car seat covers
  • Huge array of elegant colors
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Backed by ONE year warranty


NeoSupreme Seat Covers
NeoSupreme Seat Covers

  • Custom-tailored NeoSupreme seat covers for snug-fit and effective protection
  • Multi-layered Coverking seat covers for optimum protection and comfort
  • Best for active lifestyle
  • Best performance at affordable cost
  • Water resistant, strong, breathable and durable seat covers
  • Multiple vibrant shades
  • Coverking's 1 year warranty


Poly Cotton Seat Covers
Poly Cotton Seat Covers

  • Custom-tailored seat covers for snug fitting and greater protection
  • Poly Cotton seat covers are made of Polyester and 100% Cotton
  • Rare blend of strength, elegance and comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Excellent breathability and greater moisture absorbability
  • Huge array of youthful and vibrant colors
  • ONE year warranty by Coverking


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