What Is A Custom Sunshield?

Sunshield is a car accessory used against your vehicle windshield to block the damaging UV rays of the sun and also to prevent accumulation of heat inside your vehicle. The universal fit sunshield products are increasingly rejected by customers for not fitting properly well against your vehicle windshield as well as for the poor protection they offer from the damaging rays of the sun. This has further led to the introduction of Coverking`s custom sunshields that are made of highest quality materials and are cut and manufactured in a way that they perfectly fit the windshield of your vehicle. A custom sunshield is a custom designed sunshield product that fits your vehicle windshield perfectly and offers a host of protection including protection from UV rays.

Why Do We Need A Custom Sunshield?

Custom fit sunshield products reflect heat as well as UV rays and thus protect your vehicle.

As your sunshield is positioned against the vehicle windshield, it has to overcome lots of folding and rolling while simultaneously maintaining rigidity to preserve its shape while on the vehicle windshield. All the three layers of Coverking`s custom sunshield, the foam layer as well as the outer and inner Mylar layers make it possible for the sunshield product to withstand lots of rolling and folding while maintaining stiffness to preserve it shape on the vehicle windshield.  

Coverking`s Custom Sunshield: Key Features  

Coverking`s custom sunshields are prepared by using a high quality tri-laminated material that is cut precisely to fit the exacting standards and is made complete with a black felt edging.

 For its custom sunshield, Coverking has developed a high quality foam and laminated it between two Mylar layers. The outer layer is a Mylar layer with aluminum coating that reflects all UV rays while the inner layer is plain Mylar layer that adds toughness and provides protection to the middle foam layer. 

The custom fit pattern of Coverking`s custom sunshield makes it conspicuous and remarkable to a higher degree. Coverking`s custom patterns are prepared skillfully by professional pattern makers.

All of Coverking`s custom sunshields are especially designed from the original vehicle windshield by using the advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology.

Reflective Mylar Foam Sunshield
Reflective Mylar Foam Sunshield
  • Custom-made of three layers – heavy duty foam sandwiched between two Mylar layers
  • Top layer of Aluminized Mylar for complete UV shield
  • Black felt edging for snug fitting and convenience
  • Tough sunshields- designed to handle repeated blows and roll-ons
  • ONE year Coverking warranty

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