Miscellaneous Coverking Car Accessories

CustomCovers has a huge array of car accessories by Coverking. Whether it’s Duffle Bags and Drawstring Storage Bags to store your custom car covers; add-on accessories for your car interiors such as Steering Wheel Grip, Seatbelt Cushion, and Utility Caddy that add comfort, convenience, and appeal inside your automotive; or Custom Masks & Hood Protectors, CustomCovers offers Coverking auto accessories that are effective, elegant, and durable.

Prepared using tested materials and latest manufacturing technologies, the car accessories at our online store are available in a huge range of vibrant colors and shades. Different Coverking car accessories are made of different materials and display diverse features.

The Coverking auto accessories are available for the most of the car makes and models. Explore the store and select the products that fit your specific requirements and taste and experience the difference—all at reasonable cost!

The Coverking auto accessories available at CustomCovers are:

Custom Masks & Hood Protectors:

Coverking is the pioneer in custom-fit auto accessories. The custom masks and hood protectors by Coverking are precisely prepared keeping the specifics of your car make and model and fit right. The snug-fit auto accessories embrace all the contours of your vehicle and effectively safeguard your car bumper area against dirt/dust, mud, liquids, and other hazards.

Coverking Car Cover Duffle Bags and Drawstring Storage Bags:

The Car cover Duffel Bags and Drawstring Storage Bags by Coverking are available in three materials—Stormproof, Silverguard, and Triguard. Produced using strong materials and latest technologies, the Coverking car cover bags are the effective way to store your custom car covers safely and conveniently. What is more, you get optimum protection for your car covers at cheapest rates online! 

Steering Wheel Grip:
Add zing to your interiors and car riding with Coverking steering wheel grips. The soft and weather friendly material used in the steering wheel grips provides rich look and soft feel while driving your automotive. Coverking steering wheel grips are made of high-grade Velour material. Available in a huge array of colors, with Coverking steering wheel grips you can expect soft touch and vibrant look inside your car.

Seatbelt Cushion:
Seatbelt cushion is yet another add-on to your car interiors. Produced using soft velour materials, the Coverking seatbelt cushion makes your seatbelts comfortable and enhances look and feel inside your car. Powered with the added cushioning and a unique Velcro attachment system, our seatbelt cushion prevents any slippage that guarantees enhanced comfort and convenience.

Utility Caddy
Utility Caddy is the great way to add convenience and keep your car interiors neat and clean. With utility caddy attached on your dash, you will have pleasing look and convenient car interiors. Made of luxurious Velour material, the Coverking utility caddy is the perfect way to personalize the theme inside your vehicle.

Car Storage Bag
Car Cover Storage Bags
  • Coverking Car Cover Duffle Bags: The great way to store your custom car covers
  • Drawstring Storage Bags—the premium quality products from Coverking 
  • Three material options: Silverguard, Stormproof, Triguard
  • Silver coated material: Great for sunny conditions
  • Strong and long lasting auto accessories
Custom Auto Masks
  • Coverking custom masks and hood protectors for optimum protection.
  • Soft inner nylon for prefect fitting and finish.
  • Unique blend of strength and style.
  • Available for most of the car makes and models.
  • 1-year warranty by Coverking.
Steering Wheel Grip
Interior Accessories
  • Coverking steering wheel grips to provide soft touch and feel
  • Weather friendly auto accessories
  • Available in over a dozen colors and patterns
  • Coverking seatbelt cushion is designed to make your riding comfortable
  • Prepared using vibrant velour material
  • Rich look and great appeal
  • Elegant utility caddy adds appeal and convenience with litters stored in it

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