What Are Universal Floor Mats?

Universal Floor Mats are specifically designed floormats that offer quality protection to your vehicle floorboard and are not expensively priced. In comparison to the custom made floormats, universal floormats are cheap and hence mostly sought after by customers than their custom made counterparts.

Why Should You Purchase A Universal Floormat?

After a trip to your favorite restaurant/pub on a rainy day, you may end up damaging your vehicle floorboard. The factory original floormat of your vehicle is likely to undergo serious destruction if you return to your vehicle with shoes covered with mud. To prevent the ultimate damage and harm, you need to get hold of floormats that provide adequate protection to your vehicle floorboard. Coverking`s universal floormats are especially designed to prevent rain, mud and snow from spoiling the factory original floormats of your car. Also, as universal floormats are lowly priced and are available in universal sizes, it is worth to spend your money on Coverking`s universal floormat rather than on purchasing any other floor mat.

Coverking`s Universal Floormats: Key Features

Coverking`s universal floormats are prepared by using high density nylon carpet or clear vinyl material. Coverking`s universal floor mats are also available with a nibbed backing. The thick nibbed backing of the floormat make it stable and prevent it from slipping.

Coverking offers universal floormats in eight different designs.

Coverking`s universal floormats are always available in stock.

Univesal Floormats
Universal Floormats
  • Cost effective way to protection your upholstery 
  • Available in two material options - Nylon Carpet and elegant Vinyl material
  • Powered with anti-stain and anti-wear agents
  • Slip-free floor mats for  complete protection and convenience 
  • Greater heat insulation making them all weather universal floor mats

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