What Are Universal Vehicle Covers?

Custom fit vehicle covers fit your vehicle perfectly and provide superb protection but due to their exorbitant price and low availability, people are increasingly opting for universal vehicle covers. Universal vehicle covers are especially designed to fit several vehicles within a definite size range and for this reason only, they are available off-the-shelf in many stores that deal in selling automotive parts. However, universal vehicle covers are manufactured in mass and due to this they are available at a comparatively low manufacturing cost.     

Why Should You Buy A Universal Vehicle Cover?

Universal vehicle covers are comparatively cheaper than custom fit vehicle covers. Coverking`s universal vehicle cover is cheaply priced and fits a whole range of vehicles within a specific size.
Universal vehicle covers are manufactured in bulk quantities and are available off-the-shelf for use. As the availability of universal fit car covers is higher than custom car covers, they are more popular than other vehicle covers.

Key Features Of Coverking`s Universal Vehicle Covers:

Coverking`s universal vehicle covers are available in three fabric materials: Coverguard, Triguard and Coverbond 4.

Universal Vehicle Covers made of the Coverguard material are good and effective choices for people looking for basic, light weather protection. The specific material used in Coverguard is Spunbond Polypropylene and this material is used in a single layer format.
Coverking`s universal vehicle covers prepared from the Triguard material are good choices for light to medium weather. The Triguard material consists of two Spunbond Polypropylene layers and a middle breathable and water resistant layer.
 Universal Vehicle Covers available in the Coverbond 4 material provide a 4-layered thick protection and has been proved to be superb choice for severe weather. With the help of their additional thickness, Universal Vehicle Covers made of Coverbond provide superb protection from nicks, dings and other minor obstacles.

Universal Car Covers
Universal Car Covers
  • Effective and affordable car covers 
  • Versatile vehicle covers – fit most of the car makes and models
  • Available in three different fabrics –Triguard, Coverguard, and Coverbond-4
  • Wide range of color and patterns to choose from
  • Superb UV protection – suitable for both indoor/outdoor uses

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