Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions & Answers

Q1. What does water resistance and breathability signify?
Ans. Water resistance refers to the ability of the fabric to prevent water from passing through. If the water resistivity of a fabric is high, it prevents a higher quantity of water from passing through it. Water resistant fabrics obstruct water from damaging your car and also prevent moisture from being trapped under the cover of your car.

However, breathability signifies the quality of the fabric to allow moisture vapor to pass through it and as such if the fabric is not breathable, it will soon trap a huge quantity of moisture and rusting would follow as a result.

The automotive covers manufactured by Coverking are water resistant and breathable at the same time and hence they allow air to escape through but don't permit water molecules to pass through them.

Q2. What does CAD/CAM mean?
Ans. CAD refers to Computer-aided design while CAM is computer-aided manufacture. The utilization of CAD/CAM system enables your vehicle's measurements to be entered into your computer and in this process of product design and manufacture, there is least scope for committing mistakes. Both these processes are standard technologies that ensure that your product is prepared in a specific way to ensure maximum efficiency.

Q3. Is TS16949 quality certification valuable by any means?
Ans. TS16949 quality certification is highly valuable. TS16949 quality certification is a higher level excellence grade offered by International Standards Organization and the grant of this certification to a product manufacturing company implies that the company manufactures products by using superior quality materials and also that the workmanship and construction of the company are efficient. This TS16949 quality certification helps consumers in selecting products for purchase and Coverking is among the fewest automotive accessory manufacturing companies that are granted with this certification.

Q4. What is the procedure to clean covers manufactured by Coverking?
Ans. Coverking instructs to clean all its products by adopting the simple method of spot cleaning by using water, soap, rag and sponge as needed.

Q5. Can I get product delivery at any location out of the country?
Ans. Yes, it is absolutely possible. You are entitled to take advantage of our product delivery facility. But for this, you are required to pay us an additional fee as shipping cost. Please submit your address with us and we will ensure proper delivery of your product at the mentioned address.

Q6. Is seamless fit of any value and importance?
Ans. Covers full of seams are more likely to undergo leakage and in contrast, the covers that have fewer seams are less prone to leakage and in the same league, the covers that are seamless and have no seams at all are not likely to leak at all. Coverking`s covers are designed by incorporating very few seams and hence the covers are at least risk of undergoing any leakage. Moreover, the seams used by Coverking are protected by using double needles and overlapped seams and such when a seam fails; the back- up protection is there for support

Q7 How are products manufactured by Coverking different from Covercraft`s products?
Ans. One of the principal differences between Coverking`s and Covercraft`s products is that Coverking`s products are of more superior quality in comparison to the products manufactured by Covercraft. Covercraft manufactures its products by using more pieces. As Covercraft`s custom products are prepared by using more pieces, there are more seams in such products and as such thre are more leakages.

Questions & Answers On Custom Vehicle Covers

Q1. Is it possible for tree sap, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants to pass through these covers and inflict damage on the vehicle?
Ans. The answer is no. The covers manufactured by Coverking are well protected against tree sap, bird droppings and also from UV radiation, moisture, precipitation, dust et al. Bird droppings, tree sap and other similar pollutants are highly acidic substances and they can prove to be highly hazardous for your vehicle. That is why Coverking`s covers are manufactured in such a way that they keep your vehicle well protected against all the pollutants in the environment.

Q2. What is the importance of lock and cable kits?
Ans. Lock and cable kits are important devices that protect your custom vehicle covers from being blown away by winds and also from being stolen by thieves. However, it is possible for a thief to easily break small locks but with lock and cable attacked to your vehicle covers, the thief will take a certain amount of time to steal away your car cover. On noticing that your vehicle cover is protected by lock and cable kits, it is also likely the thief would drop the plan of stealing your vehicle cover and would consider stealing car covers that are less protected.

Q3. What should I do to order lock and cable kits?
Ans. You can order lock and cable kits by placing the order with our website. Also, don't forget to submit your vehicle's make, model and year. As you place the order, the website will start to configure your order and then it would provide you the suitable option of ordering a lock and cable kit.

Q4. Why I need to submit my vehicle's make, model and year?
Ans. We need all these specifications as to manufacture three-dimensional custom covers, Coverking requires all these details. There is a database with us that store the details regarding all vehicle dimensions and we provide this database to Coverking so that our parent website Coverking manufactures tailored custom covers for you. We also require details such as whether your car is equipped with factory installed or aftermarket options such as rear spoilers and so kindly inform us if rear spoilers can affect the fitting of your custom cover designed by us.

Questions & Answers on Custom Seat Covers

Q1. Is it possible for me to obtain covers for the two front seats after placing an order?
Ans. We consider the order for the two front seats as one order and also regarding the rear seats, we consider the two rear seats or a rear bench seat as one order. If you are eager to order all the four seats in a four-door sedan, we request you to specify the same while placing your order.

Q2. What is meant by 50-50, 60-40, and 40-20-40?
Ans. If you are confused with these seat configurations, then let us explain them to you.

50-50 signifies that both your front seats (the seat of the driver as well as that of the passenger) are equal in size.

60-40 explains that the driver's seat in the front is larger by 2-% in comparison to the front passenger's seat.

The 40-20-40 configuration makes it apparent that the front seats in your car are equally sized and there is a console in between these seats.

We would like to inform you that it is necessary to mention these specifications while ordering custom seat covers to help us process your order properly. In case you are not sure regarding the configuration of your vehicle, we request you to check with your dealer, confirm from the manual and contact our customer service department.

Q3. Can I avail of headrest with logos?
Ans. Yes, you can. A wide selection of logos and other optional car seat enhancements are available with us and from them, you can select the one that is best suited to your car headrest. So while ordering custom seat covers from us, please mention the logo that you need.

Q4. Which seat cover is considered to be the most pet proof seat cover?
Ans. We recommend the ultra-durable Cordura Plus as the most suitable seat cover for pet owners.

Questions & Answers on Custom Dash Covers

Q1. How a molded dash cover can be differentiated from a regular dash cover?
Ans. The molded carpet custom dash cover manufactured by Coverking is very different from a regular dash cover in the sense that the molded custom dash cover is backed with a heat formable material. This molded custom dash cover fits perfectly with vehicles that have complex shaped dashboards.

Coverking manufactures molded dash covers for you by using a mold of your specific vehicle and creating a custom dash cover of superb fit and design. Altogether, we use CAD/CAM technology to create an elegant molded custom dash cover for you.

Q2. How can I confirm whether I have a light sensor on my dash or not?
Ans. You can confirm this by checking with your car dealer and also by cross-checking with the driver's manual. As a sensor is effectively hidden, people are generally unaware of it. However, it is important for you to confirm whether you have a light sensor on your dashboard before ordering custom dash covers from us.

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